The next great music group will be formed sight unseen in Building the Band (w/t)

30 May, 2024

Netflix commissions Building the Band (w/t), a brand new music competition show from Remarkable Entertainment (part of Banijay UK).

Building the Band (w/t) brings together 50 of the most talented singers for a truly unique competition show where building the perfect band is all about chemistry. The singers are in complete control as they seek to form their very own bands without ever seeing each other. All they have to go on is musical compatibility, connection, chemistry and merit. What will happen when the bands finally meet and… looks, choreography, and style come into play? Incredible performances, compelling drama and one big goal: find the next great music band

The series was created by Remarkable Entertainment Director of Development Simon Crossley and joint MD Cat Lawson, who also acts as Executive Producer alongside US showrunner Alison Holloway. The series Executive Producers are Katrina Morrison & Clara Elliot with Series Editor Milly Fraser.

Director of Production for Remarkable is Susan King and Production Executive is Sophie Bowdery with Casting Executive Producer Helen Finnimore.

Remarkable Entertainment is a Banijay UK company