Sara Davies, Vicky Pattison, Alex Scott and Laura Whitmore take on extreme Arctic conditions in Comic Relief’s coldest ever challenge

15 February, 2024

First ever all female celebrity challenge line-up will head into the Arctic wilderness next week to raise life changing funds for Red Nose Day

• Snow Going Back: Comic Relief vs. The Arctic will see four fearless celebrities take on a journey like no other
• Sara Davies, Vicky Pattison, Alex Scott and Laura Whitmore will be pushed to the absolute limit as they trek across the Arctic in a bid to raise life changing money for Red Nose Day
• Their formidable journey will be filmed by Shine TV (a Banijay UK label) for a special BBC One and iPlayer documentary to air in the lead up to Red Nose Day, which returns on Friday 15 March

Vicky Pattison, Sara Davies, Laura Whitmore, and Alex Scott are taking on Comic Relief’s coldest challenge yet to raise much-needed funds for Red Nose Day! (Photo by Sam Riley/Comic Relief)

Four fearless celebrities – Sara Davies, Vicky Pattison, Alex Scott and Laura Whitmore – are set to take on Comic Relief’s coldest ever challenge, Snow Going Back: Comic Relief vs. The Arctic, as they go to extreme lengths to raise life changing money for Red Nose Day.

Next week, Sara, Vicky, Alex and Laura will leave their home comforts behind as they embark on a challenge of a lifetime over 1,300 miles away, starting at the edge of the unforgiving Arctic Circle, in Tromsø Norway.

Over four long days, the foursome will face the most unpredictable and disorientating conditions, as they attempt to cycle, cross country ski and trek towards the finish line X miles away, with only eight hours of daylight each day and a constant threat of snowstorms.

As they travel deeper into the silent and isolated Arctic wilderness, the team will need to work together to navigate snow-covered tundras, hidden frozen lakes, ferocious winds, and endure temperatures as low as -20 degrees. They will tackle the terrain where the British Special Forces train and will have to pitch their own tents, forgoing running water, heating, and electricity, with food limited to dried rations.

This extraordinary expedition promises to make a lasting mark on Comic Relief’s history, showing the sheer strength and commitment these four women have as they do everything in their power to help raise much needed funds for Red Nose Day.

Every gruelling step of the formidable journey, which will no doubt push the boundaries of both their physical and mental resilience, will be captured for a special BBC One and iPlayer documentary to air in the lead up to Red Nose Day which returns on Friday 15 March.

Sara Davies said:

“Comic Relief is something we sit down and watch as a family every year and last year I followed Emma Willis, Oti Mabuse and Rylan on the trek in Scotland and my son said to me, ‘Mammy that’s so amazing, why didn’t you go and help?’ It really hit home to me that I know I’m in a privileged position where I can go and do something to help raise funds, to do my bit, so this year that’s exactly what I’m doing.

“Mentally I think I can talk myself into whatever I need to do, but I’m worried about the technical side. I’ve never skied before, I’d never seen a ski in real life before we started training, so this whole adventure is pretty new territory for me.”

Vicky Pattison said:

“Everyone assumes that because I’m from the North East, I’m going to be able to handle the cold and that’s a complete lie. Everyone also thinks that because I was in the jungle, I’m like Bear Grylls in a bra…but I’m not! I like my home comforts, so camping in minus 20 degrees is out of my comfort zone and it makes me a little bit nervous, but a little bit excited as well!”

“There will be moments where I just want to give up, but I think what’s going to keep me going is the reason why I’m doing it. I was able to see first-hand where the money that Comic Relief raises goes, when I visited food bank and community hub, Hebburn Helps, which receives food from the Comic Relief-funded organisation, Fareshare. I found volunteering there so illuminating; most of us associate poverty and hunger with something happening miles away, you don’t think it’s happening on your doorstep. But it is – I saw how the work of Hebburn Helps and Fareshare is more important than ever. Donations to Red Nose Day are incredibly beneficial to charities like this and I saw that first hand.”

Alex Scott MBE said:

“This challenge is going to be so gruelling; I’ve never done anything like it before, I’ve never even been skiing, so just being out on the snow might be a problem! I’m used to having that captain’s arm band on and people seeing me as a leader because I was that athlete, but this is all new so I think you might see a different side to me. Yes, I’ll bring the fun and keep everyone going, but I think I might need my team mates to pull me through this one.

“I’m naturally competitive with myself, I don’t want to let anyone down, but what will really keep me going is the end goal of raising as much money as we can for Comic Relief, which will go a long way in helping change a lot of lives in the UK and around the world.”

Laura Whitmore said:

“I’ve been a part of supporting Comic Relief for as long as I can remember, and I love that the whole country and further afield gets behind it. It brings people together for a great cause, so I hope we can do that again this year – the bar is certainly set high with the likes of Greg James, Davina McCall, Emma Willis, Rylan, and Oti Mabuse having completed challenges before, that will give me the extra push to get to the end.

“I think it’s so empowering to be part of Comic Relief’s first ever celebrity all-female group like this. I think we’re all pretty tough cookies and we’ll all work really hard and push each other to persist, to hopefully raise a considerable amount of money. That’s the end goal that will keep us all going at the times when we’re absolutely freezing.”

Red Nose Day returns at a difficult time for many, as millions face impossible choices just to get by. The money raised for Red Nose Day could help to put food on plates and roofs over heads, keep little ones safe and help support families affected by conflict and climate change. It’s never felt more important to come together to support people in the UK and around the world that are struggling.

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