Where talent thrives

We are committed to providing a creative and inspirational home for people to thrive and produce exceptional work. Being a firm believer that our most important asset is our people, we are made of a diverse group of talented individuals whose differences we celebrate; they drive our creativity and innovation.


Accelerating Diversity

We are proud to be involved in numerous diversity schemes and run in-house initiatives which aim to highlight and celebrate the inclusiveness and diversity at Banijay UK.

We are also committed to promoting and supporting diversity in the TV industry as a whole, working closely with our industry partners and broadcasters including: PACT, MAMA Youth, Diamond, S4S, Dandi, Boost, ScreenSkills, NFTS, the FTV Charity and our own intern scheme Bright Bulb.

Our Partnerships

MAMA Youth

Banijay UK partners with Mama Youth, an organisation which trains young people from underrepresented groups and helps to equip them with skills and experience to start a career in television. Banijay UK has been supporting this charity as a patron and providing work placements for over 8 years and has welcomed many trainees through our doors over the years.


The ScreenSkills Mentoring Programme seeks to support mentees from underrepresented groups, as well as tackling skills gaps as identified by BFI and ScreenSkills research. The Mentoring Programme runs across all sectors of the screen industry and throughout the UK. It is aimed at new entrants, those who want to progress within or across the industry and those who want to return after a break.

Local Village Network’s (LVN)

LVN’s founding principle is to help level out the playing fields by supporting young people, from all backgrounds, to cultivate life and career skills beyond the classroom. Their mission is to rebuild the trust with young people, embrace personal development and promote diversity and inclusion. Their platform for social and community cohesion enables adults, working professionals to offer their experience and expertise to all young people. LVN offers more than opportunity, it addresses barriers to entry.

Future Frontiers

Future Frontiers is an award-winning education charity. They work with schools and businesses across the UK to provide a programme of coaching and access to professional role models to young people aged 13-18. Their programme exists to ensure young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are equipped with the knowledge, skills and mindsets to achieve their potential at school and when transitioning to destinations in education, employment or training.

Whether at the start of your career or looking for your next role in the industry, we are always working to create new opportunities, to nurture new talent and to grow with new perspectives and ways of working.