Birra Moretti presents… Live Italian, featuring Jack Whitehall, Maya Jama, and Lawrence Dallaglio

3 March, 2023

• Birra Moretti has created its very first TV series, Live Italian, in which Jack Whitehall, Maya Jama, and Lawrence Dallaglio explore Italian culture and discover what it means to ‘live Italian’
• The brand funded programme (BFP) marks the brand’s first move into long-form content, as it targets highly-engaged consumers in an authentic, credible way
• Live Italian will be available on Prime Video from 10th March
• Watch the trailer here:

Celebrating its deep-rooted Italian heritage, Birra Moretti’s mission is to inspire people to make time to embrace everyday life’s simple pleasures and make the most of the things that really matter.

Building on the success of its 2022 global campaign, this year, the UK’s number one premium lager is going one step further, bringing the Italian way of life direct to consumer’s living rooms, as it invites people to see what it means to enjoy life the Italian way, via a three-part talent-fronted TV series: Live Italian.

Available on Prime Video from Friday 10 March, the brand funded programme will see Jack Whitehall, Maya Jama and Lawrence Dallaglio document their respective journeys across Italy, taking time out of their hectic lives to discover what it truly means to slow down, enjoy life’s simple pleasures and really ‘live Italian’.

Created by Electric Robin, the series marks Birra Moretti’s first move into long-form content brand storytelling as it looks to connect with highly engaged consumers in an authentic, credible way whilst using well-known UK talent to connect with a wider audience.

Spanning the worlds of food, sport, and music, each 45-minute episode will see one of the celebs paired up with an Italian expert that will introduce them to everything the Mediterranean country has to offer.

The series kicks off with Jack Whitehall, as he embarks on a culinary tour of Tuscany – home of the Italian renaissance. The second episode sees Maya Jama discover the role music plays in Italian culture, whilst the third and final episode sees Lawrence Dallaglio renew his long-standing rivalry with Martin Castrogiovanni as they take on traditional Italian sporting challenges.

Live Italian will be supported by an integrated ATL campaign including a nationwide out of home campaign going live across key UK cities including, London, Birmingham and Edinburgh. The campaign will also be supported across social media with digital ads going live from Friday 10 March across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Michael Gillane, HEINEKEN UK Marketing Director said:

“Live Italian marks a major milestone as the brand makes its first move into long-form content. Working with well-known UK talent such as Jack, Maya and Lawrence bring the brand – and the Italian way of life – directly to consumers in an entertaining way that we hope will stimulate conversations in bars and dinner tables across the UK.

“Birra Moretti celebrates life’s simple pleasures, and it’s this ethos that has been at the heart of the brand since its foundation over 160 years’ ago. We hope the series showcases that when you make time for what matters and live life the Italian way, you can live a more joyful life.”

Phil Christer, Managing Director, UK, Amazon Ads said:

“Our research shows that consumers want to see brands integrate into the content they’re watching in innovative ways. ‘Live Italian’ is a great example of a brand doing just that, through creative, long-form storytelling.

“We’ll be supporting the launch of Birra Moretti’s first brand funded programme with placements on Fire TV, as well as video and displays placements on and off Amazon, as we work together to help viewers celebrate life’s simple pleasures.”

Chris Jones, Creative Director at Electric Robin, said:

“We’re thrilled that Birra Moretti has entrusted us with its landmark move into long-form. In Jack, Maya, and Lawrence, we’ve three witty, charming and curious UK superstars immersing themselves in what it means to Live Italian, with the brand’s legendary heritage providing an abundance of creative inspiration at every stage of the journey. Oh, and the weather wasn’t bad either.”

Birra Moretti’s ‘Live Italian’ is available on Prime Video from Friday, 10 March.